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Thursday 25th February 2021

Emergency shutdown in place across the majority of OCJC services

The vast majority of OCJC services are currently offline due to an emergency shutdown.

This emergency shutdown was initiated due to a critical security vulnerability being introduced by the hosting provider for our main web server. Due to this vulnerability having been caused by our hosting provider, we can no longer trust them to host our services as we cannot be sure that it will not happen again.

As a result, all services which were previously hosted on that server will now need to be migrated to a new server. Luckily, we were already planning to do this - albeit at a much more gradual pace - so the new server is already up and running and ready to take over (in fact, that's the server which is hosting this status page).

We're now going to have to migrate everything at once, so there will be significant periods of downtime until everything has been migrated.

We'll keep this incident updated as the situation evolves.

  • The shutdown was lifted months ago but I forgot to update the status page. Apologies.

  • The current estimate for how long it's likely to be until all services are fully restored is anywhere between two weeks, and a month.

  • The first stages of migrating the most important infrastructure to the new server have begun. Once all important underlying infrastructure has been migrated and is up and running, the rest of the services can start being moved across.

  • The original security vulnerability appears to have been resolved. However, this incident has caused us to no longer be able to trust our old hosting provider, so we will still be going ahead with an emergency migration to the new server. Unfortunately, this may take a few weeks or more to fully complete.

  • Friday 5th February 2021

    MC Node 2 Server 1 N2S1 Upgrades

    MC server N2S1 is undergoing some upgrades and will be offline for a short moment.

  • Maintenance has cleared and the server is back to regular operational capacity.

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